Student leadership training conducted


     “Reshaping the mindset of young leaders towards a transformative journey in student governance”, the Federation of Supreme Student Government of JRMSU conducted a two-day System Wide leadership seminar last Aug. 27-28 at Royal Farm, Dipolog City. It was participated in by the five campuses of the JRMSU System such as, Dapitan,Dipolog, Tampilisan, Katipunan and Siocon. Professor Jay D. Telen, director of Students Affairs and Services of the university discussed and explained to the students what it means to be a transformational leader. During the first day, student leaders were challenged on some of the team building activities prepared byMr. JoedBrymonLlauderes, one of the trainers, after which he discussed and emphasized to the participants the relevance of the activities on being a leader.

     On the second day, Regional Trial Court Judge and professor of the College of Law in JRMSU, Hon. Judge Chad Martin Paler shared his knowledge on legal concerns affecting the students in higher education such as cyber bullying and hazing. Student leaders were also trained about proper preparation of program of expenditures and were lectured about cash flows by Mr.JanvenGranfon, an instructor of the College of Business and Accountancy and Eder Cayongcong, an accountantin the main campus. Students were given the chance to raise their problems, issues, and concerns in an open forum after each discussion.