John Fritz Angtia

        With his charming looks and commendable skills in both ramping and speaking, a Bachelor of Secondary Education student major in English of Jose Rizal Memorial State University of Dipolog campus was crowned as Mr. University 2018 after outsmarting 9 other contenders during the Mr. and Ms. University 2018 held in Dapitan Sports and Cultural Center last December 13 as part of the University’s Week-long Celebration and 9th Founding Anniversary bearing the theme, “Driving JRMSU towards internalization.”
        John Fritz Angtia with humility and pride clutched the coveted crown after showcasing his God-given talents especially in his awe-inspiring answer during the interview portion making him flaunted during the four-hour competition. Aside from the crown, this stunning gentleman grabbed the Best Speaker award.
        Mr. Angtia truly made the entire Dipolog Campus proud which everybody was jubilant and ecstatic to grapple the title. The said victory marked the history of Dipolog Campus since it was the first time to get the prestigious title.
        This man, being the new Mr. University, has a peculiar story like every other person. He was raised by her supportive mother alone, Mrs. Jackline S. Acopiada. He didn’t meet his father even the day one of his existence. The real man smiled in trouble as he gathered strength from distress, high grows brave by reflection according to Thomas Paine.
        Raising without a father made Mr. Angtia to grow optimistically and faced all the challenges bravely. He has a half-brother who is currently living at Macleodes Polanco, Zamboanga Del Norte.
        Pageantry is not new for Mr. Angtia. He had joined and won several titles like Mr. City High 2015, Mr. DCIT 2017, and Mr. Hospitality 2017. He graduated as the batch salutatorian in Macleaodes Elementary School and same recognition during his secondary level at Dapitan City National High School.
        In his success, Mr. Angtia shown to his fellow students that everyone has the ability to turns dream into reality through passion, deligence, determination, and hardwork. He also possesses good characteristics being confidence, intelligence, humility and strength in facing tough challenges.
        When asked what he had learned during the competition, this humble man revealed he treasured all the memories he experienced. He shared that joining a pageant was not all about money and fame but it trained him to be confident, independent, and disciplined. He further said that the pageant abled him to build good camaraderie with the other candidates and stayed optimistic.
        In his journey towards the competition, he dedicated his success to the Almighty Father, followed by his family, friends, teachers especially to his dearest mentors, Professor Ivo Matthew Siaton and Mr. Nechor Cadorna who molded and trained him throughout the competition.
        Mr. Angtia said, “Winning for me is an achievement and opportunity which knock in our life and as long as we are positive even we won or lost but acceptance is the key because there is a reason of everything and being patient makes me better.”
        He was very happy because he was able to bring the banner of JRMSU-Dipolog campus and to represent his beloved school was more than a privilege.
As the Mr. University 2018, Angtia’s advocacy and program will focus about teenage pregnancy awareness so that teenagers will be able to know the pros and cons about it. His advocacy and program is to have a seminar about Teen age Pregnancy awareness.
        Winning the title makes him a responsible, humble, and tough person who shows immense respect through his fellow students with love and dignity
        On the other, contender from the JRMSU-Main Campus, Miss Maybelle A. Adaro crowned as the Miss University 2018 which she adjudged as the Best in Production Number, Ms. Photogenic and People’s Choice Award.
        Mary Miame M. Bahian of Katipunan Campus and Elvis R. Bagon of the Main Campus were the first runners-up. Seizing the second runners-up were Jela C. Endab and Neil Joh A. Monsalum of the Main campus.
        Other winners were Miriam Claire Q. Timtim of Tampilisan Campus – Best Speaker, Mark Gabamel O. Maigan of Main Campus – People’s Choice; Alfredo Valero Jr. of the Main Campus – Mr. Photogenic; and Reynabel C. Otod of Main Campus – Best in Gown