Dipolog campus champs basketball game slams Sibuco, 90-87

Three times in a row, Dipolog campus has shown their skills in basketball as they yet again brought home the bacon for this year’s Founder’s Week celebration. Winning championships for the last three years, the basketball team did not fail to serve a good game everytime they step on the court, and this year, they have what it takes to be called as back-to-back-to-back champions.
Starting off with good defenses, both teams put up a strong play, ending the first quarter with 18-18. Sibuco’s three-point shot star Fahad Pudin contributed two three-point shots during the second quarter of the game while J-boy Lipae helped Pudin getting scores for the team with
his fade away shots, tying the scores to 45 as the first half ends. Dipolog team did not to relax during the start of the second half. Danilo Culanag, Emmanuel Daan, Roger Dumat-ol, Raphy Dacula, Ruel Dael and Jason Rey Jamito have done great deals in helping the team getting points. With a thrilling four-second time remaining, Jamito was able to stretch the score to 72-65 as the third quarter closed. It was a tough and heart-pounding last quarter for both team as they poured out their best in offense and defense.

Even if leading, the Dipolog team did not show complacency. Dipolog still leads during the last remaining two minutes of the game, 84-86. Daryl Bongcac added another two-point shot for the last minute, making the score 84-88. With sure smiles on their faces, Dipolog
campus celebrated right even before the buzzer sounded. With an official score of 87-90, the team wins. Dipolog’s key players and top scorers Culanag and Bongcac showed an exemplary display of athleticism, along with their teammates who dedicated their heart and spirit out
during the entire duration of the founder’s week. “We were pressured at the start of the game. We know that the Sibuco team was a strong opponent. We have seen their strength during the elimination round and we can say that they were the toughest among others,” says Bongcac. “I am confident that the team will win. This is a very important game for us because it bears our scholarship privilege and I want my team to enjoy the benefits. I have seen their potentials and I salute their skills,” team coach Roseller Yorong stated.