CMO Asia hails Prexy Balbuena as Education Leadership Awardee

The 5th Asia‘s Education Leadership Excellence Award has once again been conferred to JRMSU‘s exemplar of wisdom and character – the 2nd University President, Dr. Edgar S. Balbuena held at Pan Pacific, Singapore on August 1, 2014. The award was given by Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Asia through its Chair-man, Dr. Andrew Kelly.

President balbuena is hailed as an education leadership awardee

CMO, with over 5,000 members in the Asian region, is a global network of executives specifically dedicated to high level knowledge exchange, through leadership and personal build-ing among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision makers across a wide range of global industries.

With Dr. Balbuena‘s echt craftsmanship in leadership coupled with the unfathomable accomplishments he has accorded to the institution during his administration, this award is long over due.

In 2013, the same award was given to him by CMO Asia , a clear manifestation of this unrelenting strive to further ameliorate himself in the tough field of leadership. With his continuing search for excellence, various programs have been pushed through by the President such as, Amalgamation, Internalization, Quality Assurance and ASEAN Integration to name a few.

With his undying commitment towards developing an educational institution where excellence is a norm, awards like this is not far beyond.

Mark Herman S. Potoy
The State Collegian